Vocal Technique Course - California School of the Arts - San Gabriel Valley

This course is adapted for Middle School 7-8 Grades and is aligned with the California State CTE Model Curriculum Standards.

Vocal Technique 7-8 is an introductory course in fundamental techniques of vocal production.  It’s purpose is to lay a strong foundation of healthy principles and practices that will help the adolescent performer as their vocal cords mature. 

The course teaches healthy daily lifestyle choices (nutrition, sleep, attitude), how to read manuscript music, use technology, as well as the instrument itself: breath management, resonance, diction, and interpretation.  The techniques apply to the range of vocal styles from classical to contemporary commercial. 

Working in a masterclass setting requires skills necessary in the professional music and musical theatre industry: good listening skills, respect for the performer, critical thinking, analysis of peers and self.  It teaches responsibility and discipline in submitting assignments on time, being prepared for the coaching or performance, and being in class consistently, as well as at-home daily practice and preparation.  These are skills and disciplines necessary for building confidence as a performer as well as a productive contributor to society.