David Bowie’s pianist Mike Garson to guest appear with band SUMMIT

Summit band - Cash Harrington - Max Gilbert - Duron Levy - Nick Fernandez

DAVID BOWIE’S iconic pianist/music director, MIKE GARSON, is set to make a guest appearance with a group of talented young musicians that make up the new band SUMMIT on April 20, 2024, at Aguura’s upscale jazz venue The Canyon Club.  

Their names are Elie Samouhi (lead guitar), Duron Levy (keyboard), Max Gilbert (drums), and Nick Fernandez (bass) who met through high school jazz competitions between Agoura and Calabasas High Schools.   

A few months ago, they formed the band SUMMIT and will be debuting at the Canyon Club in Agoura, CA with an appearance from Mike Garson, David Bowie’s pianist-music director. 

MIKE GARSON and SUMMIT. What’s the connection?

SUMMIT’s drummer MAX GILBERT is Mike Garson’s grandson. The band had met him at one of their jam sessions and he began mentoring the group. 

Knowing Summit was debuting as the warm-up act to a great 1960s recreation of a DOORS concert, I suggested that Cash ask Max if his grandfather would play a song or two with them that night.

Cash hesitated, but I encouraged him to give it a shot. “What could Garson possibly say? No?”

(Well, maybe. But not likely, unless he has another gig that night.  He’s the kid’s GRAMPA, I thought to myself).

So Cash asked. 

Not only has Mike agreed to play the keyboard with them on one of his David Bowie songs, but he’s also going to play one of Cash’s originals!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

This business is all about connections and networking. Plus a little talent.  Well. A lot of talent.  Cash and his friends are still young but they are good musicians and are cultivating that talent. 

CASH has been studying voice with me for nearly three years now. Voice change and all, he is an excellent musician and singer.

He plays guitar with Agoura High School’s jazz band.  They’ve just won a jazz competition in Vegas and will be competing nationally in NYC under the direction of Chad Bloom, who originally referred Cash to me a couple of years ago.  

Cash has been songwriting since age 10 and playing gigs on Saturdays at local farmer’s markets and busking along Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade for several years, saving up the donations he gathered along the way to buy equipment and recor demos.  He’s usually accompanied by his supportive parents, John and Denise Harrington, especially his dad who’s in the filmmaking business. 

Cash has made some appearances to friendly and devoted crowds at The Mint and the Whiskey A Go-Go, all great opportunities to hone his skills. 

As seniors, this is a pivotal year for Cash and the new band.  They await acceptance letters from the music colleges and universities that are among the best in the nation.  He and the members of his band deserve that kind of best.  

Do not miss this evening – you’re going to love their set of song original songs, along with the opportunity to hear one of the industry’s most respected rock music directors of all time. 

Tickets are almost sold out. CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE OR USE THE QR CODE.

I’ll see you there. — Cherilyn Bacon

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Summit Canyon Club Mike Garson Cash Harrington performance