As we near the end of the Spring Session of The Youth Ambassadors musical theatre – media music training program, I am filled with gratitude for the talents of these young performers that will soon be posted on YouTube.  I’m equally as grateful for their devoted parents, especially during this pandemic.

We never would have imagined that by mid-March we would be invited to perform on a virtual music video with the famous Osmonds and the Beach Boys. 

Here’s a rough cut of the video that has recently been launched to bring families from all over the world together to say “We’re smiling!” for the Osmond Hearing Fund.

The children singing on this launch version of the video are my students from The Youth Ambassadors and the California School of the Arts, San Gabriel Valley, as well as from the Utah Conservatory of the Arts – American Fork. They did some very professional work with their home videos, singing to the track. I’m so proud of all of them!


The students have become good friends.  We took these photos before the pandemic hit.    

 Our rehearsal space was located at Glendale Centre Theatre – Here’s the Youth Ambassadors Cake made by Marsaille. It was amazing!  An example of the kind of energy and support from moms and dads and students alike. 

Youth Ambassadors 2020

They’re a great group of young people – all talented and full of dreams that they will reach if they continue training and performing.  They are from age 5-17. 

Having some fun…

Just wait until you see their final semester project as their entire show line up goes online!

Thank you, parents and students!  You have made your children’s world so happy, you have made my world so happy, and you’re about to make the world around you just so much happier as well.  Without you, this miracle would never have happened.  You might say, “I’m smiling!”