Youth Ambassadors Join Osmonds and Beach Boys in SMILES virtual music video

In March the Youth Ambassadors and my students from California School of the Arts and a few from the Utah Conservatory of the Arts had a lot of fun recording a virtual music video in the Brady Bunch style, due to home sheltering from Covid-19. 

Singing does release endorphins according to scientific studies.  And a SMILE, according to my best authority growing up – my mother – smiling does make you happier. 

Just recording this video cheered everyone up.  

We need optimism more than ever today.  

They say a smile or a laugh is contagious.  Yes, there’s a lot going on.  Unemployment.  Injustice.  Isolation. 

Find something to be grateful for today.  Something kind to say to someone else.  Be the first to stop an argument.  The first to say I’m sorry or I love you.